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Unified PS Group is focused on your reputation
and our client relationships. 
Unified PS Group - Unified Portfolio Serviceing LLC
With the objective of delivering consistent results,
Unified Portfolio Servicing LLC
has leveraged its market experience and extensive research to develop standardized and relevant collection methodologies for each of the business areas on which it focuses.With a commitment to excellence, 
Unified Portfolio Servicing
employs the staff, knowledge, and technology to provide seamless solutions that equate to increased effectiveness and returns for our clients.
Unified PS Group objectives:
  • Greater Client Satisfaction:  We will identify Client needs, set clear objectives and measure our performance against these expectations.
  • Highest Ethical and Professional Standards:  We will comply with all state and federal regulations.  We will also maintain our Client’s positive image in the community.
  • Motivated Work Environment:  We will seek to maintain a positive work environment by recognizing and appreciating employee contributions to the overall success of the company, and measure this through increased productivity and employee retention.
  • Profitability:  Profit is necessary to satisfy the current and future needs and objectives of the company and our Clients.
Unified PS Group Provides:
  •  Secured Client Payment Processing
  •  Special Hardship Programs
  •  Accounts Receivable Consulting
  •  Financial Investigative Services
  •  Complete Recovery Services
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Unified Portfolio Servicing LLC
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